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Just so y’all know…each of you are an inspiration to me!!  I have never blogged about my own life, feelings, loves, losses…ect.  As I read your blogs I am more inspired to share more and more of myself…Thank you…xo



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Where did it come from?
This new love,
Every year,
We have grown,
We found new ways to love.

Thanks for reading,
Yours Truly,

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What is the difference between LOVE and LUST???

My heart is torn between the LOVE I feel with my husband…and the LOVE/LUST I feel for another. Another?!?!

Who is another???

I do not know…

Past love that I have not recognized?

A past love who has passed on to the other side…

How am I to know?

They are both soooo familiar…

FINALLY…how do I know the difference…my heart aches…

Where do I go from here…

Please HELP me….

Do you believe in ONE TRUE LOVE?!?!?!?

I have been reading previous blogs by many bloggers….

Do you believe that you have one true love?

Do you believe that you may/do have that one true love?

Can you honestly say you have never looked at/lusted/wished/dreamed or fantasized of another?

As humans we have all of the above…the respect you have for another or the love you feel for them… determines what you will do with those feelings…

HOWEVER the single readers have nothing to be ashamed of…as long as you have no previous commitment to another…LIVE, LAUGH, and pay attention to those who’s paths you cross…you wouldn’t want you to pass up the love of a lifetime…

Some times in our lives….

We lose the ones that are the MOST important people, the ones we loved more than we even knew we did. The longing to say everything you held back, afraid of rejection, or “opening a can of worms” that we weren’t sure we were ready to open.

Don’t hold back…say it now…no matter what you may face, it may be your last chance to say …

I love you…

Did you love me?

I need you…

Did you need me?

I can’t live with out you…

Can you live with out me?

I need your touch…

Did you need mine?

So much more I wish to say that can never be said…living with regret!!!!


I would like to invite all of you to join me in wishing, my son, Lil Eric (I call him Boo…lol), a BIG HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY!!!!

Lil Eric is the most amazing young MAN I know…and I ain’t just saying that cuz he’s my boy…I wouldn’t take all the credit for him all to my self. He has endured some of the worse that life has to offer, but he keeps picking himself up; never giving up!!

He is an inspiration to me, and I am PROUD to be his mother!!! God Bless my baby, keep him safe and on the right path to a wonderful happy prosperous LIFE!!! He is, with out a doubt, the ONLY thing I have EVER done right in my LIFE!!!



I Dream of LOVE…..

That grabs your attention…

Takes your breath away…

That makes your heart skip a beat…

A LOVE  you can NOT live with out…


Who see’s my heart…

Who holds my hand…

Who kisses my forehead…

Who can NOT Live with out ME….

I DREAM a DREAM that can NEVER come TRUE…