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Monthly Archives: February 2014

This exciting Saturday night…I am sitting in front of the TV…watching “The Hangover II”…having a glass (or 2, maybe 3, lol) of wine. My son is in his room playing video games, and my husband is doing some “keep busy” task cause he can’t sit still for more than 10 mins!

10 yrs ago on a (child free) Saturday night I would have been in the midst of my own “Hangover” escapades with my girlfriends…making memories we would laugh uncontrollably about for the better parts of the rest of our lives, and some memories that we will cringe at and swear the others never to be spoken about again, LOL!!

Where does the time go? When did fun (much more settled of course than in your 20’s fun) stop? My son will be graduating High School this June. Although he will, without a doubt, still be living in my home, I’ll be an empty nester! Ugh…WTF? I am to young for this aren’t I?

Boredom….guess I’m going to have to re-evaluate and makes changes to accommodate this next chapter of “My Life”. There is FUN to be had…I just need to figure out where it is…?


This blog will be about My Life experiences, highs, lows, good and bad! I have found that life is so unpredictable and for me writing about it is an outlet for my feelings. I usually journal privately, keeping a “diary” for only my eyes, so this is going to be quite the adventure. I hope to keep it HONEST as would if only I were able to read my thoughts. I welcome comments if anyone is even interested enough to bother to read my posts. Till my next post GOD BLESS!