Life is a journey….enjoy the ride!

Howdy y’all!!!  I am 37 yrs old, mother of an 18 yr old son, and wife to one of the hardest working men I’ve ever known.  I have journaled most of my life and thought that I would give “Life” blogging a try.  Surely not to many people will be interested in “My Life”, so for the most part I will be using this for my self.

My life was forever changed two and half years ago, when a man I loved committed suicide.  I thought, then, it was the SINGLE most devastating thing I had or would ever endure….BUT that wasn’t all that LIFE had in store for me!

May 26, 2013, my son’s father (not my husband), passed away very unexpectedly. I loved and cherished him more than he will ever know. Our situation was unique to say the least but OUR son was always our top priority, to me, my husband and my son’s father! I always referred to us as “2 Dads, 1 Mom, and a kid”. At the time our son was 17 yrs old, and my life since has been consumed with his loss, the things in his life that he will not be able to share with his father. Like for example, his 18th birthday (which just passed 2 weeks ago), such a BIG day in a young mans life, so many others come.

Less than two months ago, AGAIN, LIFE punched me in the face. On Christmas Eve 2013, I lost another person I did love so much, my cousin, she was ONLY 40 yrs old, and died a few SHORT months after being diagnosed with CANCER. It all happened so fast, there was no time to say all the things you would if given the chance.

My New Year resolution was to put the pain of loss’s behind me, as they had consumed “My Life” to the point I was on the brink of losing my job! Unable to work or cope I had to make a conscience decision to FIX myself…if not for me…for my son…Did I really want to set this kind of example? Let LIFE kick your ass? Submit to it and stay in bed forever? NO….

So here we are….wish me Luck!!!


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